Creating Your Savvy Minerals Beauty Boutique Workshop

Thinking of hosting your own Savvy Minerals Beauty Boutique?  Here are a few ideas to get organized and make your event a success!!  

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You will want to start with freshly washed faces, so be sure to have your ART Skincare products available to wash those beautiful faces!! If you want some basics on prepping for presenting the ART System, check here.

Next, you will want to have basic moisturizers like the ART Light Moisturizer and the ART Renewal Serum. These provide a fantastic primer base for Savvy Minerals!! These can be ordered through your Virtual Office as existing members. For new members, please contact the person who shared this link, or join our team by clicking this link.

Oil Posse has created some fantastic postcards for use in your classes. You can have these printed through VistaPrint, or if you are a member of the OilWell Group, contact me for discount pricing.  You can also print the ORD Savvy Mineral graphics on card stock to use during the classes! 

Or, hand out these Class Clipboards with a Savvy Minerals shopping list you can download here...

Savvy Minerals Beauty Boutique Class Clipboards

Photo credit and shopping list creation credit: Reagan King      

Don't those look great on the clip boards?!  You can also use the Seedlings Baby Wipes to remove make-up and ART Refreshing Toner works well as a secondary cleanser for make-up removal.

Photo credit

Take Before & After photos in natural light, if possible!  Your members and prospective members will be excited to share their transformations with others!

Photo Credit: Codie-Lyn Kahler

Now for the shopping list:  

Sending samples to your team leaders in other areas:
Cosmetic Jars for Foundation, Multitasker or Eye Shadow (50 Pcs)

Savvy Minerals 50 Pc Cosmetics Jar for Foundation

If you can't purchase several sets of the YL brushes for classes, consider purchasing a few of the less expensive brush sets, and then use the Savvy brushes for display. Opening the Kabuki Brushes on Tammy Boley & The OilWell Team Facebook page, and showing how to make samples for your team:

I purchased two kinds of brushes, and am pleased with the quality of these for temporary brushes.  I will be replacing them with our Savvy Minerals brushes as soon as they are in stock!

Kabuki Brushes

Savvy Minerals Kabuki Brushes

12 Pc Brush Set with Eye Brushes

Savvy Minerals Brush Set

Disposable Lip Stick/ Lip Gloss Brushes for use in class

Cosmetic Rounds for removing make-up, applying toner, etc.

Savvy Minerals Cosmetic Rounds

Personal Make Up Mirror for the color matching sessions

Savvy Minerals Personal Make Up Mirror

Sample cups aka; Mini baking cups (to place powdered makeup in).  We have found that simply using disposable plates works just as well.

Savvy Minerals Unbleached Mini Baking Cups

Plate to hold sample cups selected by client:

Savvy Minerals Natural Palm Plate for Samples

I love having an organized and beautiful space.  If you've attended Beauty School, use your travel case as an organizer and display for your collection!

Savvy Minerals Young  Living Beauty School case

Photo credit

Here are some ideas for setting up your boutique:

Photo Credit

Photo credit

And finally, here's the full Resource Pack: My Savvy Beauty: Savvy Minerals Beauty Boutique Printables Resource Pack  In this pack you will find the following PDF documents to print:  

  • How To Host a Savvy Mineral Beauty Boutique Checklist
  • Why Choose Savvy Minerals Make-up
  • Savvy Minerals FAQs
  • Savvy Minerals Printable Shopping List by Reagan King (I made this my cover)
  • Savvy Minerals Beauty Boutique Digital Shopping List

Print each one of the documents, and assemble your book!  Mine looks like this, printed in color, and spiral bound at the local UPS store:

Resource Pack for Savvy Minerals Beauty Boutique class

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